With 20 years of experience in the brick, block and paver industry,

I can offer the depth of technical on-site knowledge

brick manufacturers, brick layers, brickcleaners and builders simply can't.

To get the best result you need the following:


  1. A good quality brick product that is fit for purpose.

  2. The correct mortar composition and joint type that suits your brick and the area the job is located.

  3. A bricklayer that understands what he needs to do so the correct result can actually be achieved. [Did you know, that almost all bricklayers in Victoria will NOT clean as they lay? If the mortar is the incorrect mix, or the job left in a filthy state, then you have a real problem developing.]

  4. A brickcleaner to remove the mortar residue leaving a clean brick face. [Did you know that almost all brickcleaners learnt their trade by trial and error? If too much Hydrochloric Acid [Hcl] or excessive pressure is used......you have a potential DISASTER.]

If you want to run the gauntlet to try to get the result you want, you can, but I can write a comprehensive report spelling out what is required so you get it done right the first time.

If you already have a problem, I can offer unbiased guidance based on my experience fixing these issues working on site and as the resident "on site" brick issue specialist for Melbourne Brick, PGH and Boral bricks. I've also dealt with issues involving all Victorian brick manufacturers and interstate bricks from QLD/NSW and SA . Dealing with both quality and trade issues hundreds of times, for all the major builders, plus many home owners and trades from bricklayers to brick cleaners. 

I can also offer independent brickwork reports covering the following building references:

National Construction Code

Australian Standards

Think Brick -IRG/Constuction Guide 10​ 

Using these standards for bricks,mortar,bricklaying and brickcleaning I can help you state your case for claims against builders, trades, suppliers and even home owners​. 


Common advice I can offer:

Brick [size/texture/colour/use]

Mortar [colour/joint type/composition]

Bricklaying standards [AS-3700 Standards and Tolerances]

Brickcleaning process specifically tailored to whats required 

Brick and paving stain diagnosis and rectification: Efflorescence [salt],

Iron [acid burn], Manganese and Vanadium stains. 



Best practice advice for the best results using bricks,blocks and paving, making what you want possible,​ to the quality you expect.

Examples of brick site issues

Manganese Staining